The advantages of having an automated facility in the Life Sciences industry

In order to continue expanding and developing our expertise, a new entity was created at the end of 2022 as part of the Techniconsult Group: A.Q.E. Srl (Automation Quality Engineering), specialized in automation engineering services and Computer System Validation (CSV) for the Life Sciences industry.

In the Life Sciences industry, the automation of facilities and production processes is revolutionizing product manufacturing and quality. Through advanced and innovative systems, companies in this sector can enhance efficiency, quality, traceability, and process safety.

Below, we will discuss the advantages of integrating automation into your systems.

Efficiency and Productivity

Process automation allows companies to improve overall efficiency and productivity by performing repetitive tasks faster and more accurately compared to non-automated systems.


In the Life Sciences industry, product quality is crucial to ensure safety and effectiveness. Automated systems can consistently and accurately perform quality controls, minimizing potential errors and increasing result consistency. This leads to reduced risks of contamination and production defects.

Traceability and Safety

By utilizing automated systems and management software, companies can monitor and record every stage of their process. This level of traceability provides enhanced safety and enables swift identification of any anomalies or safety issues, allowing for timely corrective actions.

Cost Optimization

While the initial implementation of automated systems may require a significant investment, the positive effects on productivity, efficiency, and product quality over time can generate significant savings, leading to more cost-effective and sustainable production.

Regulatory Compliance

The pharmaceutical industry is subject to stringent regulations and standards. Automated facilities enable companies to ensure compliance with these requirements as automated systems accurately and comprehensively record and archive all data, facilitating rigorous documentation and operation traceability.
This significantly simplifies the management of audit procedures and regulatory inspections, reducing the risk of non-compliance and ensuring adherence to current regulations.

Automated systems accurately and comprehensively record and archive all data

In conclusion

In an ever-evolving industry, automation is an essential element for a  facility and process optimization.
A.Q.E. Srl presents itself as a highly specialized entity in automation systems that can operate independently or provide integrated services across various disciplines based on customer needs, thanks to synergy with other companies within the Techniconsult group (Techniconsult & Tecma). This optimizes the flow of information, time, costs, and provides a unified interface throughout the entire project lifecycle.

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