We have integrated ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles into our operations and strategic decisions. Our ESG approach is reflected in our impact report, where we transparently outline our goals and our progress in achieving them.

These objectives encompass a wide range of challenges and opportunities, which aim to reduce the environmental impact of our activities and adopt ethical and responsible working practices that promote social inclusion and people’s well-being.

“We became a Benefit Corporation not because it was fashionable but because we realized that our ways of doing things and our actions were and will always be in line with these principles.”


Rosario Lo Presti

Partner, Head of Sales & Marketing Department
at Techniconsult Group

We are Benefit Corporations

Operating as a Benefit company is, in all respects, a new way of thinking and doing business.

Since 2016, Italy has adopted a specific regulation, “stability law 2016 (n.208 of 28 December 2015), in paragraphs 376-384 of the art. 1.”, which provides for the possibility of operating as a Benefit Company, a new corporate model.

Techniconsult Group has decided to follow this path by choosing to commit not only to the pursuit of business objectives, but also with a view to achieving common benefit. With this in mind, from December 2022 two of the group’s companies, Techniconsult Firenze Srl and Tecma Srl Unipersonale have become Benefit Companies.

The methods of pursuing the common benefit are aimed at obtaining a positive impact on the environment, in the management of human resources and in relations with stakeholders, inspired by the principles of sustainability.

Our goal at Techniconsult Group for the next few years is to continue working to create tangible and lasting value for all our collaborators, internal and external, and for the territory in which we operate.

“When we heard about the topic of Benefit Corporations before Covid, we were immediately interested and intrigued, in particular seeing how aspects such as division of profits, welfare for employees, in addition to attention to environment. We understood that we were already on the right path: that of Sustainability.”


Pier Angelo Galligani

Partner, Head of Sustainability and Innovation Depts.
at Techniconsult Group

Techniconsult impact report

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Tecma impact report

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Sustainable solutions for our customers

We are developing internal guidelines for sustainable design in order to encourage and promote the integration of environmental issues into our projects and processes. A fundamental part of this approach is the active discussion with customers, from which challenging sustainability objectives arise, which are achievable and aligned with the company strategy.

We offer services aimed at evaluating and improving the environmental performance of processes or factories through the definition of objectives and support from design to implementation, up to operation and maintenance.

From this perspective, we are also able to accompany the customer in projects that include sustainability protocols (LEED, BREEAM).

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Our commitmentfor the environment

The group understood the importance of developing and undertaking a path to improve its environmental performance. The first step involved the elimination of scope 2 emissions relating to its sites by purchasing only electricity produced from certified renewable sources starting from summer 2023.

At the same time, a systematic analysis of consumption and quantification of greenhouse gas emissions from both buildings and company fleets was carried out in order to implement the subsequent steps. The group is also aware of having a tool with a multiplicative effect on environmental benefits: the projects and services offered to customers.


As an engineering company, we understand the impact our work can have on the world and are dedicated to minimizing negative effects and maximizing our positive contributions.

This Sustainability Policy is intended to outline our commitment to adopting sustainable practices in all aspects of our business operations.

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In 2023 we planted 200 trees, one for each collaborator.
A simple gesture with great impact.


Our commitment to sustainability issues is also represented by the EcoVadis badges that we have obtained. Ecovadis rewards eligible companies that have demonstrated a relatively solid management system that meets sustainability criteria.


We care about our work environment

What are we currentlyengaged in?

— Drafting of the group’s Code of Ethics
— Drafting of the Supplier Code of Conduct
— Guidelines for sustainability
— B Corp Certification
— Adoption of model 231 which ensures responsible behavior that respects the rules relating to corporate responsibility.