“Our daily commitment is to grow our ability to offer our customers effective solutions, tailored to their businesses. Our teams of highly motivated technical staff with multidisciplinary skills make us a quality partner for the construction of technological systems, or as single contractor for extremely complex projects. Our technical staff bring the same motivation and expertise to the operation and maintenance of technological systems, with the aid of innovative tools and technologies to guarantee plants’ performance and value over time in a sustainable way.”

Salvatore Galati
Managing Director e Datore di
Lavoro, Tecma.


Tecma has been awarded the Bronze Medal by EcoVadis.

EcoVadis rewards companies that demonstrate a robust management system and meet sustainability criteria. This certification motivates us to continue implementing sustainable solutions.


Thanks to the experience gained in the field of maintenance of advanced and complex plant utilities, we have developed 360° in-house expertise. Our service is based on continuous monitoring and accurate analysis of the anomalies and critical points of systems. With the aim of ensuring their reliability and preventing the occurrence of failures. Our approach focuses on optimizing energy performance, maximizing the operating life, and detailed management of each plant shutdown period in order to optimize intervention procedures and minimize downtime.

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The added value we can guarantee is that we have a multidisciplinary team, capable of starting from detailed engineering and construction drawings, also in 3D model by using BIM (Building Information Modeling) up to commissioning and start-up activities. We carry out upgrade of existing plant as well as construction of new facilities.

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