A team givingadded value in qualityprojects

The Techniconsult Group draws on the expertise of a highly qualified team, made up of experts and specialist professionals with over 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector. This team constitutes a fundamental pillar of the group, representing the added value that guarantees a service based exclusively on excellence for clients.

We constantly invest in our team through continuous training programs, refresher and targeted training courses. We are aware that their development and satisfaction are directly proportional to the growth and overall success of the company.

Our aim

Our main objective is to guarantee the client’s peace of mind and become their trusted partner in the design, construction, commissioning, validation and maintenance of their systems.

“Every day we try to fulfill this objective by offering efficient, quality system design services, construction and maintenance services that minimize the burden of management with innovative technological solutions. A highly qualified team constantly committed to research and sustainable development.”

Innovation, updatingand improvement

We promote the constant technical and regulatory updating of our staff and the continuous innovation of design and work tools. The management actively participates in working groups of scientific associations and national and international regulatory bodies.
In this way we are able to offer a more effective and efficient service by anticipating future technical industrial trends.